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IRSC Pre-Health Happenings
A Future in Healthcare
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14th-Dec-2010 11:01 pm - A Rainbow of Opportunities
Nurse IV

Welcome to the Mueller Pre-Health Academy Blog

Are you interested in a rewarding career in the field of health-care?

IRSC Pre-Health Academy can help

Pre-Health Student Meetings have changed to a computer room in the Schumann Center - D142

Wednesday, 11:30 am, (Currently meeting in D142, check announcement for next meeting below)

Information on different health-care jobs - The many available pathways to a better job in healthcare will be explored

  • Interactive computer learning - Students will be guided through internet leaning sites that are both informative and fun

  • Demonstrations - Learn how to type blood, take blood pressures and other hands-on activities

  • Guest speakers, and field trips - hear from the professionals, tours of the main campus facilities may be arranged

    Next Meeting:

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 11:30 am

    Room D142

    Topic: The Immune System

    All ESL and GED students are welcome.

    Link to Nursing Assistant information at IRSC

    Come find out all about it...
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